All About Vinyl Wraps

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By The Numbers...

Can you afford a vehicle wrap?

Maybe the better question to ask is, can you afford NOT to have one?

It is quite possible that the marketing dollars you spend to advertise, could easily be better spent if you were to get a vinyl wrap.

The more you drive your branded vehicle/trailer, the lower your cost per impression will be.

     When you look at advertising costs out there, the cost of having a wrap done is very small in comparison to some other avenues of advertising for the amount of impressions that you get. Obviously a larger, more complex vehicle getting a full wrap is going to cost more than a small vehicle getting only a partial wrap. The key basic factors that determine how much a wrap will cost are: Design Time, Square Footage of Materials needed, Size of the vehicle, and the Difficulty Level of wrapping the vehicle. Some wraps have additional factors as well.


     So let’s say you get a $2,500 vehicle wrap, and that wrap stays on your car for at least four years. That works out to $625 per year, or $52.08 per month, or about ONLY $1.72 per day!  NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE MONEY WELL SPENT!


Where are you going to find another means of advertising that can do that for such a low cost?


     If you’re interested in learning more about vehicle wraps, call and talk to our knowledgeable staff for more information on how vehicle wraps can help you market your business just by driving. For more information, call 717-834-3577 or email


Full Wraps...

Full wraps consist of complete coverage of the vehicle surface area, not including the roof. It typically also includes 50/50 perforated vinyl for windows that are included in the design area of the wrap, but not required.  Perforated Window Vinyl still allows you to see out of the windows while in the vehicle.


Partial Wraps...

Partial Wraps are the most common. They are less expensive than getting a full wrap, and can still generate a look that grabs the attention of your audience. Partial wraps are best done on vehicles with a neutral base color(white, black, gray) so it does not conflict with the colors of the wrap design. For example, if you have a blue vehicle, it would be best suited that the primary color scheme of the design be blue. These wraps can be designed to avoid certain areas or even designed around a budget.


Color Change Wraps...

Color Change Wraps are still fairly new to the wrap industry. New colors are always coming into the market. Because there is no printing and lamination involved, this is the most basic form of wrapping.  Additional vinyl lettering and printed graphics can also be applied after the color change wrap is installed.  As you can see from the examples below, you don't have to limit

yourself to just one color.



Okay, maybe not anything, but we have wrapped quite a few things over the years that you might not have thought about wrapping before. Wrapping something can add a personal touch that makes it YOURS! We have done: METAL MAILBOXES, REFRIGERATORS, TRIM PANELS, TOYS, DOORS TO BUILDINGS, CONCRETE WALLS, FLOORS, OUTLET COVERS, CELLPHONE CASES, AND MUCH MORE!

There is so much to wrap, the list is almost endless. If you have an idea of something you want wrapped, contact us and we'll let you know if it can be done.